This world is but a canvas to our imagination. - Henry David Thoreau

about the stormworks

Owned by Rob Salem, The Stormworks specializes in traditional and digital media with an underground edge fused with classic elegance. Texture, grit, and rough and ragged edges are hallmarks of the "underground" and "DIY" styles, and Rob has fully embraced that as part of his art and design philosophy while also incorporating the best elements of classic and modern "clean" design.

Though there is a definite leaning towards artistic stylings that evoke the heavy and alternative music scenes, there are also elements of the modern digital age at work in Rob's art, media, and designs: blending traditional fine arts with new media digital arts means that The Stormworks produces designs that are at once both visceral and elegant, while being specifically tailored to the wants and needs of the client.

Art is meant to be about passion and drama, expression of the human experience and condition, and the design philosophy of The Stormworks is rooted in that idea--our designs are meant to appeal to the emotions and the humanity of the people they will reach while representing the individual client and their brand and the ideas they represent.

Nova Vox - going deeper, giving back

The Stormworks is more than just another new media and graphic design company. Following the philosophy that art is a means to enrich and empower the human spirit, Rob utilizes The Stormworks and its assets for community-minded and humanitarian projects in the hope that he can help others find their own expressions and tell their own stories. One of the ways this has manifested is in the creation of Nova Vox, a humanitarian "imprint" of The Stormworks that works to serve victims of humanitarian crisis by helping them find a voice in the world.

The Forge

Starting as a college radio show featuring unsigned and undergound rock and metal from the Midwest and eventually becoming a full internet radio station in its own right, The Forge is now a podcast that goes back to its roots. There are eventual plans to either syndicate the show out to other rock/metal radio stations, or perhaps relaunch the station full time, but for now it remains an infrequent podcast in which Rob features great rock and metal that traditional radio stations won't play.